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Our innovative and flexible teaching method provides you with the English level in all the areas you need in order to succeed in your profession.

Online learning programs from GBL and Cambridge Resourcing

  • Great possibilities for your career
  • The GBL courses are adapted to you and your aspirations
  • Individual tutors, tailor-made support and recommendations for children and adults

The Global Business Languages and Cambridge Resourcing courses and based on the part-time education model.

However, instead of the students going to the Cambridge centres, we have relocated our team of qualified Cambridge teachers in order to offer classes from our offices to people all over the world.

CR and GBL rely on Cambridge qualified teachers who teach classes in real time with textbooks and exercises as in traditional classes. Technology is constantly changing and we have the technology necessary to offer educational classes with high definition video.

Once you have signed up, you will have to take a test to determine your level of knowledge in the language. A teacher will guide you in the course which best adapts to you.

All of our courses give you access to the official Cambridge exams which are recognised all over the world. Depending on the field which you choose, the final exam will help you develop your profession in any English-speaking country.

IMPORTANT: A link will be sent to the student's email address. All they have to do is click on the link to access the selected class.

Classes with medium quality video: 256kb/s
Classes with high quality video: 512kb/s


English for children


Maths for children


Science for children


This course offers the children, in 3 stages, a first learning experience in English, maths and science, with English as a second language. We believe that it is fundamental for children to begin to improve their pronunciation from an early age because this will help them in the future. The first key period for this is from 6 to 12 years of age, and we have divided this in three: a first stage for 6 to 8 years; another for 8 to 10, and, finally, another for 10 to 12. The children do not have to do a level test.

Subject A1 A2 B1
Primary: English / Science / Maths
Secundary and bachillerato: English

All the materials will be provided two weeks after signing up!

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Student information

Adults and students

We offer a wide range of courses, from Beginner to Profciency, as well as a varied and extensive programme of levels. The courses are directed towards teenagers and adults and can be followed from anywhere.

Furthermore, they are taught by Cambridge qualified teachers and allow the students to take official exams for any level. The course materials are provided two weeks after signing up.

The student will have to take a test to determine their level of knowledge. If they do not want to take the test, GBL will assume that the student's level is elementary.

Languages A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

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Next steps

Once you have sent your application, it will be saved and sent to the GBL Admissions team who will look over it. In the case of any doubts arising, they will contact you after two working days. As soon as your application has been dealt with, we will quickly process it for your chosen course. If the application is made by a student or adult, they can take a test to determine their language level.

Conditions and payments:


Pre-enrollments can be carried out as soon as the course is published on the GBL website up until 15 days before the beginning of the course. The student will have to send the application form to the email address. and GBL will keep you informed of whether you have been accepted or any other eventuality regarding possible date changes, etc.


The course payments will be paid in installments as follows:

  • Installments
    • 20% of the course, at least 14 calendar days before the course starting date; if payment has not been paid by the said period, the place will be lost and given to the person at the top of the waiting list.
    • The rest of the course total will be paid proportionally by month and payments must be made before the 3rd day of each month. Late or missing payment will mean suspension from the course and access will be automatically restricted.
  • Single payment
    • In this case, the student will benefit from a 5% discount. The said payment must be made 14 calendar days before the beginning of the course; the place will not be confirmed until the payment has been made and if it is not paid within the stipulated period, it will mean that the place on the course will be lost.

Reimbursment commitment

If for any reason, outside of the student's control, they can no longer take the course, GBL will make sure that all paid money will be returned, at the latest on the day that the course is supposed to begin. Furthermore, GBL promises to give priority to those affected by such setbacks in the following course.

Our instructors

All our instructors are native speakers, qualified teachers and university graduates.

Knowledge of their language, experience in teaching and their initiative in gathering and using relevant educational material ensures that each English course that we give is challenging, up-to-date and satisfies the ever-changing expectations of our clients.

Qualifications and certificates

Contact us if you would like information about the official exams for general English, business English and legal English which are available.

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