Our innovative and flexible teaching method will provide you with the English, German and French level in all the areas you require in order to succeed in your profession.

Communicational skills are vital in a competitive world. You need good language skills and a lot of confidence at the conversational level. GBL offers you much more than just a course specific to your sector: Our innovative and flexible teaching method will provide you with the English level in all the areas you require in order to succeed in your profession.

English, German and French for professionals

Acquire the confidence which you need to stand out in your sector.

These intensive courses in oral and written skills cover many of the abilities which are essential for professionals of any sector and will improve your ability to communicate in English.

Choose the right course for your professional career

Find the qualification that best suits your needs with the large variety of courses from IPE, APE and FPE (English, German and French for specific purposes) at GBL. Through a quick and simple level test. With more than 30 qualifications to choose from, students can pick the course which is most relevant for their career from the following categories: professional aptitude, business or professional sector. All of the GBL professional courses offer the opportunity to take official exams within the CEFRL (from the European Council), from A1 (beginner) to C2 (sufficiency), in English, German and French.

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Subject A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Writing emails
Telephone calls
Automotive industry
Telecommunications & IT
Industrial energy
Ship's crew
Pilots and air traffic controllers
Customer support
Marketing / Advertising
Human Resources
Purchases / Sales
P. Navegación
Gas and Petroleum

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About the courses

These courses are designed for graduates and professionals who want to improve their CV or their work opportunities abroad.

Euro-profession is designed with many courses to cover all the grammar, vocabulary and skills needed to become an effective communicator in the professional world.


Take part in the communicative skills in English which are relevant to your profession; Interactive classes with a qualified teacher in each speciality completely face-to-face

The final aim is to achieve a superior communicative ability through grammar, listening comprehension and verbal communication exercises in order to get the necessary skills and gain the confidence for communicating in English within your profession.

All of the courses can be contracted in various formats

  • In-house training (companies, hospitals and other sectors)
  • GBL facilities (Global Business Language office)
  • Interactive (online classes with teacher)
  • Face-to-face online (audio and visual access to the teacher and whiteboard for the interactive courses, but without the student's class participation)
  • Exams from the Cambridge, Oxford and London exam boards.


With more than 60 countries which use English as their business language, and with the current global recession, it is obvious that English is a fundamental source of global communication. It is no longer an option, but rather a question of survival for the future of any company.

It is in the public domain that a lack of English knowledge produces a loss of business of between 14% and 16%

English, German and French for businesses

The business English, German and French training department specializes in language teaching with commercial aims. In the last few years we have provided beginner, intermediate and advanced courses for professionals in the law, media, banking, medicine and industrial sectors.

At all levels, the training is based on the student's work context and is focused on improving their communicative English skills.

Our instructors

Our English teachers are all native speakers, university graduate and Cambridge qualified.

Knowledge of their language, experience in teaching and their initiative in gathering and using relevant educational material ensures that each English course that we give is challenging, up-to-date and satisfies the ever-changing expectations of our clients.

Qualifications and certificates

Contact us if you would like information about the official exams for general English, business English and legal English.

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